Mr Tom McLean

Tom has spent his working lifetime in the animal health and general healthcare industry.  This has seen him carry out many roles, in many companies, developing new products and services, which have by and large been ‘green’! Much of the time, Tom has been developing specialist skincare and animal healthcare products.  Some of these are still very successful products and are still on sale today. Tom has also created and nurtured many of these companies himself, and in partnership with others, building them up from scratch, into viable and successful businesses.


In 2015 he was approached and asked if he would consider developing an environmentally friendly surfactant product that could compete in the Oil & Gas Marketplace.  He did indeed develop that product.  This prompted Tom to investigate and work more closely with surfactants on a more regular basis.


During the last 2 years Tom has worked closely with Keith within a team at a multi-national group of companies.  They saw a space in the market to have a company specialising and concentrating on sustainable cleaning products and solutions. The idea grew and the concept was investigated during a feasibility study in early 2019.  With the good wishes of their previous employer, Tom and Keith took the giant leap!

The new company was born and started trading on 1 July 2019. Tom’s specific role is in Research & Development but he also enjoys feet on the ground and will spend significant time on the road