The Marina & Yacht Industry

A constant battle in the marina and yacht industry is keeping the craft clean – they face challenges from every direction, waterborne and airborne dirt, grease and pollutants, including stains from algae. Most craft are made up of a combination of materials from fibre glass to wood, metal, plastic and much more. They face constant interior, exterior, deck and equipment challenges in cleaning and maintenance.


At Bio Cleaners we have focused our efforts in creating a cleansing agent that is not only plant based, biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and non-harmful to marine and fresh water life, but is highly effective in cleaning and maintaining most areas of the craft. If you have a white hull and you would like it to be ‘white’ again, then ask us about Bio Cleansers Yacht Cleaner.  It really does get the craft back to its original sparkling colour!


The real bonus comes in the disposal of the waste water – After cleaning, what’s left over is only water and the dirt particles washed off the craft – therefore if any goes back into the sea or water table, it does no harm at all.


The efficacy of our yacht cleaner is immediately evident from the first time of use – try it, you’ll be impressed, whilst making the correct decision on so many levels.  It visibly works in seconds!


Society is at last slowly waking up to the reality of the damage that is being done to the planet through irresponsible management of waste – both commercially and domestically. Now is the time to make conscious choices that promote responsible cleaning for the good of the planet. We ask you to make choices that not only benefit your craft, but consider the planets future for generations to come. At Bio Cleansers we create effective cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly.


Increasingly the fallout from industry waste is becoming highlighted in the public’s eye and concern is growing globally for the massive damage being done to the planet at government level. Now is the time to make a conscious decision to change your cleaning solutions from chemical based, toxic products to environmentally free products.



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