The Hotel & Catering Industry

Cleanliness and hygiene throughout the Hotel & Catering industry is without doubt one of the highest measures by which you are judged.  It is also the most important!  The cleanliness and sanitation throughout your operational and customer focused areas are all equally important. From kitchens, to bedrooms, to bathrooms, to public reception areas, Bio Cleansers have a solution to your daily cleaning requirements. Only the highest levels of cleanliness are acceptable in this industry.


Currently the most common ‘hard surface’ cleansing products used throughout the Hotel & Catering industry are caustic and chlorinated products that in themselves are hazardous and indeed, not consumer friendly.  At Bio Cleansers we can offer an environmentally friendly solution to all of your necessary clean down requirements.


We have found that no two hotels, cafes, bars or restaurants are the same.  Whether you have a difficult job cleaning overhead ‘cooker hood’ extractors in the kitchen area, or stained toilet bowls in bathroom areas.  Whether you have windows that are stained with kids sticky fingers, or brass work that just needs to be rebuffed.  It doesn’t matter if it is hard and baked on stains in the oven or generally dirty sanitation ware, we can supply a superior green alternative to all of the hazardous cleaning products already in use.


Please speak to us and we will provide a safe, plant based alternative solution that is equal to any of the products currently used.  Whether you have a B&B with 2 rooms, or a thriving hotel with 200 guests for dinner, we can provide environmentally friendly wash and flush solutions that equal the performance of any hazardous product already in use.


At Bio Cleansers we take great pride in the fact that all of our products are highly effective, environmentally friendly, plant based, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, zero VOC’s, sustainably resourced and safe to use.  That’s not only good news for your business, but also for your staff who use the products on a daily basis.  All of our products can also be complimented with a sanitising solution to EN1276 food safe standard.


We really do have the solutions that allow you to take your social and corporate responsibilities forwards and to the next level, deliver a safe working environment for your staff and promote sustainability. It’s a win, win, win situation!


Please let Bio Cleansers Ltd help you tackle issues where you can make a difference.  The performance of our products are equal to, if not better than the toxic alternatives. Our prices are competitive too, as cleaning should not ‘cost the earth’!


Call Bio Cleansers on 01698 749941 NOW to discuss your needs and get that Industry ‘green tick in the box’ your company aspires to!