The Dairy Industry

Cleanliness and hygiene within the Dairy industry is paramount.  The combination of livestock, their welfare, the environment they’re living in, the milking workplace and the end products that are consumed by us all determines that only the highest levels of cleanliness are acceptable in this industry.


Currently the cleansing processes within the dairy industry are carried out using caustic and chlorinated products that in themselves are hazardous and indeed, not consumer friendly.  At Bio Cleansers we can offer an environmentally friendly solution to all of your necessary clean down requirements.


We have found that no 2 dairies are the same in build, or the plant that is within them. From simple footbaths to full CIP systems, we can supply a green alternative.  Please speak to us and we will provide a safe, plant based alternative solution that is equal to the hazardous products currently used.  Whether you are catering to 10 cows or a 1000, we can provide environmentally friendly wash and flush solutions that equal the performance of any hazardous product already in use.


In cleaning down there are many opportunities for ‘wash off’ to contaminate the ground and in turn for the toxic waste to make its way to the water table below ground. In addition many of today’s cleansing chemicals are dangerous to both the user and our environment. Bio Cleansers offer an alternative to both that is highly effective, safe to use and is 100% biodegradable.


Society is at last slowly waking up to the reality of the damage that is being done to our planet through irresponsible management of waste – both commercially and domestically. Now is the time to make conscious choices that promote responsible cleaning for the good of the planet. We ask you to make choices that not only benefit your business credibility but considers the planet’s future for generations to come. At Bio Cleansers we create effective cleansing solutions that are ticking all of the correct boxes whilst at the same time they are harmless to the user.  That has to be great news for Health & Safety concerns in the workplace too.


Increasingly we are all beginning to understand the effect that our actions are having on the environment and our planet.  Please let Bio Cleansers Ltd help you tackle issues where you can make a difference.  The performance of our products are equal to, if not better than the toxic alternatives. Our prices are competitive too, as cleaning should not ‘cost the earth’!


Call Bio Cleansers on 01698 749941 NOW to discuss your needs and we will make you and your company needs our next priority!