The Chicken & Poultry Processing Industry

The Chicken & Poultry Processing industry has never been so highly policed and audited in its operational practices as it is today. It requires the absolute highest levels of hygiene and sanitation - as anyone who works in this industry will tell you, and rightly so.


Rigorous and repeated daily cleaning of all of the poultry processing areas and utensils is a very necessary undertaking to ensure the highest standards of hygiene, guaranteeing delivery of untainted poultry products. Traditionally, highly aggressive chemicals have been used throughout the cleaning process– this demands full body protection from the aggressive acid and alkali based cleaning products, for the workforce. Although these cleansing products are effective, their inherent dangers are multiple. The chances of the operators being scalded and burned are constant. The highly toxic waste wash off must be responsibly disposed of, at a considerable cost. Even a miniscule opportunity that these products can reach the food chain is unthinkable.


Now imagine a highly effective, environmentally friendly alternative. A plant based, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, zero VOC’s, sustainably resourced and human friendly alternative!! Well imagine no more.  We have it and it’s ready for you right now.


Our alternative solutions at Bio Cleansers offer you the peace of mind that your operatives can work in a more user friendly, Health & Safety conscious environment.  Our products are safe to handle.  Although we will always advise using proper PPE, our products will not burn the operator, even in concentrated form. Any danger to individuals, the food chain and the planet virtually eliminated, immediately! Now that’s got to be good for everyone.


We really do have the solutions that allow you to take your social and corporate responsibilities forwards and to the next level, deliver a safe working environment for your staff and promote sustainability. It’s a win, win, win situation!


Society is at last slowly waking up to the reality of the damage that is being done to the planet through irresponsible management of waste – both commercially and domestically. Now is the time to make conscious choices that promote responsible cleaning for the good of the planet. We ask you to make choices that not only benefit your own business credibility, but consider the planet’s future for generations to come. At Bio Cleansers we create effective cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly. They are cost competitive too.  What’s not to like?


Increasingly the fallout from industry waste is becoming highlighted in the public’s eye and concern is growing globally for the massive damage being done to the planet at government level. Now is the time to make a conscious decision to change your cleaning solutions from hazardous chemical based, toxic products to environmentally friendly products.


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