Mr Keith Allan

Keith has had a long and varied career, over many disciplines.  He has held senior roles in Operations, Sales and Marketing and has also worked on a consultative basis for companies in the Postal and Finance sector.  More recently he was asked to look after the interests of a multi-national group, heading up their activities in Water Remediation and Environmental Solutions for the Oil & Gas sector, among many other industry disciplines.


It was during this time that Keith sparked a real interest in Bio Chemical solutions for the Cleaning Industry.  There is a big problem worldwide in the use of and disposal of the hazardous chemicals and caustic formulations that are used daily within cleaning fluids.


Working closely with Tom over the last few years, he recognised that there was indeed a ‘bio-solution’ available and it was all based on environmentally friendly, plant based, products obtained from sustainable resources.  These cleaning products are made using harmless and fully biodegradable compounds called surfactants.


There was a desire latterly to exploit the opportunities within the local markets of the UK and beyond. Having carried out a feasibility study into the opportunity, in early 2019, Tom and Keith decided that the time was right and with the granting of goodwill of their previous employers, Bio Cleansers Ltd was born!