Biological cleaning products

Our biological cleaning and maintenance products are designed to solve specific problems, many of which cannot be addressed by conventional chemicals.

Our Bio Flush Product

Bio Cleansers base Bio Flush product is a unique blend of sustainably resourced, plant based surfactants, which will give dramatic and startling results from the first time of use, to the last.  The solution has been developed in our laboratory to provide a safe and more importantly, environmentally friendly alternative to cleaning down your CIP and Processing Systems with caustics and chlorinated cleaning fluids.

The product is not a one solution fits all formulation.  It is readily adaptable to all cleansing requirements throughout industry and we will have a bespoke solution that will fit with your own unique 'clean down' needs.

Although every industry has its own set of cleaning challenges, Bio Cleansers can provide a powerful, green and bespoke alternative to the hazardous cleaning chemicals that are rife throughout industry today.

Our solution is your solution.  It will work for you!  It is green, readily biodegradable, safe to handle, safe to store and safe to dispose of.  What's not to like?

After all, Cleaning should not cost the Earth!


Bio Cleansers are able to provide cleaning solutions to most industry sectors including:






Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Beer, Cider, etc.

Flush and daily/ weekly clean down solutions.

CIP Flush and sanitising as necessary.

Flush and daily clean down solutions.




Fish FactorIES

Chicken & Poultry Processing

Food Processing

Flush and daily clean down solutions.

Flush and daily clean down solutions.

Flush and daily clean down solutions.




Yacht/ Boating

Meat Processing

Animal Healthcare Range

Hull Cleansing and full boat clean down.

Flush and daily clean down solutions.

Cleans, disinfects, descales and deodorizes, and is ideal for cleaning scale, scum, body fats and dirt from floors.


 Hotel & Catering

Flush and daily clean down solutions.

We can compliment all of the above products with sanitising solutions to EN1276 food safe standards.


In a world where chemicals and toxic solutions are both visibly and invisibly poisoning our planet there is a massive and urgent need for an organic and non-hazardous alternative.

At Bio Cleansers we strive to create and deliver resolutions to these acute 21st Century problems by creating highly effective plant based, biodegradable and sustainable surfactants which will enable our Industry partners to ‘clean down’ in a safer way!

Based in central Scotland, our highly skilled team have developed a range of plant based surfactants to eliminate the need to use chemical and caustic based cleaners whilst maintaining and exceeding expected levels of efficacy.

Bio Cleansers Ltd have a range of product ready solutions to resolve challenges within industries as diverse as; Food, Yachting, Hotels, Distillation, Graffiti removal and so much more.

Being Green in Industry today

What makes Bio Cleansers products green?

Bio Cleansers Ltd focuses on working commercially for the future of our planet.

Today we are seeing the results of years of abuse of our planet, and are waking up to the very real need to address and reverse the damage that we have done. Ignoring this issue is not an option.


Bio Cleansers Ltd are passionate about creating a clean and poison free world for our children to inherit and so we at Bio Cleansers have set about addressing some very important issues.


Bio Cleansers Ltd create 100% Plant Based products that equal or better the current brand leaders in most cleaning disciplines – but with virtually zero impact on the environment.  That’s got to be good for all of us.


Whether it’s industrial cleaning, domestic cleaning or personal hygiene, dangerous and hazardous chemicals have for the longest time been used and their impact on the planet is at a cost that future generations will have to count – Bio Cleansers are leading the charge towards changing that.


Bio Cleansers Ltd products are all extremely safe to use, non-hazardous to the environment and exceed expectations in efficacy –


And Bio Cleansers Ltd are not stopping there. Our highly experienced team will continue to forge a path in affordable nano-bio technology for your business, your home, your family and ultimately the planet.



All of Bio Cleansers Ltd solutions are plant based and the nano-bio technology employed in their efficacy stems from micelle cleaning action. We select sustainable ingredients to ensure that our product solutions are truly green.


The micelle cleaning action of the surfactant ingredients in Bio Cleansers range of products is the key to its highly effective cleaning method. Creating a two way action by employing the water in a hydrophobic and hydrophilic action, it gently releases the dirt. That is unlike traditional cleaning agents that break down the dirt and are then washed away. With Bio Cleansers range of cleansing solutions, the micelle action creates a push-pull effect releasing the dirt away from the surface and it is then rinsed away.


Additionally, because Bio Cleansers surfactant solutions are 100% plant based and derived from renewable and sustainable resources, there are no disposal issues with the waste water.


The product fully degrades into carbon dioxide, water and mineral salts within 28 days meaning that the cleaning products in your waste are not harming the planet, or anybody on it, and there are no pollution issues!






The Bio future is real and it’s available NOW


The clock has been ticking for some time in the search for alternatives to hazardous chemical-laden cleaning products for industry. Bio Cleansers have the answers that mean we can all switch to biodegradable, plant based, environmentally friendly cleaning agents (surfactants) today. At Bio Cleansers we have a range of products specifically designed for your industry to address the high level of cleanliness you demand whilst offering a successful resolution to the challenge of replacing toxic products. If you don’t see what you need, please talk to us and we will endeavour to create in our highly specialised laboratory, a bespoke surfactant product that suits your exact needs.




What does ‘Biodegradable’ really mean?


We measure biodegradability by the amount of time large molecules are broken down into smaller molecules in the environment. Products that are not biodegradable may accumulate in the ecosystem and could potentially enter the tissue in plants and animals. The danger lies in passing on toxins that are still present in the tissue. Chemicals that are readily biodegradable immediately begin to breakdown, degrading eventually into water, minerals, salt, carbon dioxide and other oxides. We know that many companies claim that their products are biodegradable but the key factor is the speed at which this occurs, and that is paramount.




…and ‘Toxic’??


The definition of ‘Toxic’ is any substance in the work place, laden with chemicals that are capable of causing harm to people. To clarify this definition we include within the chemical term, dusts, mixtures, and materials such as paint, adhesives, fuels and solvents.




Are ‘Carcinogens’ a risk?


The range of surfactant products developed at Bio Cleansers are strictly Non-Carcinogenic – another brilliant bonus of this incredible plant based technology. A carcinogen is a cancer causing agent and therefore something that we should be very aware of and keen to avoid. Throughout industry the opportunity for exposure to carcinogens is immense. The industrial sector fares worst in comparison to public environments – but that doesn’t mean that the risk isn’t there in public workplaces.




Also, Non Flammable and Non Reactive.


An additional benefit of Bio Cleansers products being non-polar, plant based surfactants is that they are both non-flammable and non-reactive. What does this mean?  This means that the surfactants developed at Bio Cleansers are able to perform at the same, or higher level of efficacy than those of traditional halogenated or chlorinated solvents with few or none of the disadvantages.




Oh and you might like to know…


At Bio Cleansers we don’t use petroleum distillates. Sustainability is a cornerstone of the ethos of our working practices here at Bio Cleansers. Petroleum as a non-renewable source is a strict no, no! We know that the extraction and refining of petroleum causes great environmental harm.  In addition some petroleum based solvents such as petroleum distillates have shown to be central nervous system depressants and can affect the liver and kidneys! Petroleum distillates include fuels such as kerosene, gasoline, diesel, heating oil, lubricating oils such as mineral oil and hexane.

Any questions …?

We would be delighted to hear from you should you have any questions about our products and where possible we will endeavour to recommend cleaning solutions to resolve your own business and personal challenges in becoming ‘toxic free’.


If you really do want that big green tick in the box,

give Bio Cleansers Ltd a call today on 01698 749941


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